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On the 20th Anniversary of WWE’s Smackdown, W+K Celebrates Wrestling’s Fans – Adweek

On the 20th Anniversary of WWE’s Smackdown, W+K Celebrates Wrestling’s Fans – Adweek


On the 20th Anniversary of WWE’s Smackdown, W+K Celebrates Wrestling’s Fans – Adweek

Attitude Adjustment. Stone Cold Stunner. People’s Elbow. To many readers, this must seem like a string of nonsensical nomenclature. However, for many others, each of those names conjures up a very distinct image and a personality that comes with it. Those are all names of WWE finishing moves that became the calling card of some of the WWE’s most iconic wrestlers.

Respectively, they belong to John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Each come with their own distinctive flair, but it’s often the celebrations that come after that really stick with the audience. That’s because most of us can’t lift another human above our heads before somehow tossing them five feet away, and those of us who tried with younger siblings usually didn’t like the consequences.

Running your hand back and forth in front of your face to mimic “you can’t see me” or an eyebrow wiggle that seems to convey both confusion and intensity is more known to the casual professional wrestling viewer. Those iconic celebrations are the focus of a new Fox Sports campaign from Wieden + Kennedy New York which shows how WWE celebrations have permeated popular culture.

Yes, the WWE is fake, and yes, almost every audience member over the age of eight is aware of that fact. Pro wrestling is what happens when soap operas spend too much time in the gym. And it’s beautiful. The campaign is called “We’re All Superstars,” and even though none of us look like the wrestlers on stage, sometimes we can’t help but act like them.

The occasion is the 20th anniversary of Smackdown, and many of WWE’s stars are on hand. Johnson, Cena and Becky Lynch are all featured in the spot, but the WWE also dipped into another pool of stars including Snoop Dogg and, puzzlingly, Gordon Ramsey.

In the end, the focus of this campaign is on the fans that have made the last 20 years of Smackdown possible, with three more spots coming that celebrate the people that make WWE so popular.


Client: Fox Sports

Agency: W+K New York
Executive Creative Director: Karl Lieberman
Creative Directors: Gary Van Dzura, Christine Gignac
Copywriter: Patrick DeYoung
Art Director: Meredith Marino
Head Of Integrated Production: Nick Setounski
Senior Producer: Dom Tunon
Producer: Alexey Novikov
Account Director: Alex Scaros
Account Supervisor: Liz Lindberg
Project Manager: Carly Lissak
Director Of Business Affairs: Patrick O’Donoghue
Business Affairs: Lindsey Timko
Traffic: Sonia Bisono

Production Company: O Positive
Director: Brian Billow
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella, Marc Grill
Head Of Production: Devon Clark
Producer: Brady Vant Hull

Green Point Pictures
Head of Production: Karen Berkowitz
Executive Producer: Tatiana Rudzinski
Producer: Leo Veras
Producer: Luke Stevens

Editorial Company: Final Cut
Editor: Michael Dart Wadsworth, Spencer Campbell
Post Producer: Lareysa Smith
Executive Producer: Sarah Roebuck
Editorial Assistant: Sophie Solomon

VFX Company: Significant Others
Creative Director/VFX Artist: Dirk Greene
VFX Artist: Nicholas Renaudeau
Motion Graphics Artist: Phil Brooks
VFX Producer: Alek Rost

Telecine Company: Color Collective
Colorist: Alex Bickel
Color Assist: Alex Jimenez
Executive Producer: Claudia Guevara

Mix and Sound Design Company: Machine
Mixer/Sound Designer: T. Terressa Tate
Sound Assist: Amanda Fuentes
Producer: Alek Rost

Music Track:
“I Won’t Do What You Tell Me” (Stone Cold Steve Austin Theme)
“Rest In Peace” (The Undertaker theme)
“Celtic Invasion” (Becky Lynch Theme)

Label: WWE

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