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Overwhelmed by Pressure to Perform, Kids ‘Retire’ From Sports in ESPN’s New PSA – Adweek

Overwhelmed by Pressure to Perform, Kids ‘Retire’ From Sports in ESPN’s New PSA – Adweek


Overwhelmed by Pressure to Perform, Kids ‘Retire’ From Sports in ESPN’s New PSA – Adweek

One of the cautionary tales about parents pushing their children to reach the highest levels of sports is Todd Marinovich. The former USC and Oakland Raiders player was groomed by his father from birth to become a professional footballer, only to fall from grace in some of the most destructive ways possible, including extensive drug use.

While Marinovich is an extreme example, kids today face increasing pressure to perform on the field at a younger age. Whether it’s in attempts to position themselves for scholarships or being the avatars of competitive parents, children, according to an Aspen Institute study, are being set up to fail, resulting in more children ages 6 to 12 dropping out of organized youth sports.

A new ad from ESPN and Arnold Worldwide is addressing the issue of excessive injuries from overtraining, burnout, discouragement and demoralization head-on in a new ad featuring a young athlete announcing his “retirement” from sports of any kind.

The “kid at a press conference” concept has been done many times, but this is an instance where a serious subject has been treated with sobering reality. It also points a finger squarely at the parents and other adults who levy so much pressure and intensity on children’s shoulders. While there are 30- and 15-second versions of the ad, the 60-second spot is an example of how longer form can have more impact.

“[We developed] this creative in a way that compels parents and coaches to introspect and ask themselves: ‘Am I part of the problem?’” said Icaro Doria, chief creative officer at Arnold.

The campaign, with donated media from ESPN, drives people to the #DontRetireKid social media campaign and Project Play’s website, where parents can find resources designed to navigate the confusing and frustrating world of youth sports. Additionally, athletes like Kobe Bryant, Wayne Gretzky, Sue Bird, Sloane Stephens, Julie Foudy and others share their thoughts on the importance of youth sports in bespoke vignettes to extend the concept.

“We believe sports should be available to every child,” said Jimmy Pitaro, president of ESPN. “We want to shed light on this important issue so that kids can take advantage of the benefits of sports, from increased health to better outcomes in school.”


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