OZY Media Will Take Over Central Park’s Great Lawn for OZY Fest 2019 – Adweek

OZY Media, the Silicon Valley-based media and events company, is hosting its fourth OZY Fest this weekend in New York’s Central Park. In previous years, the festival was held at smaller locations like SummerStage. But this year the two-day music, politics and food festival got approval for the Great Lawn.

According to The New York Times, using Great Lawn is not sitting well with some New Yorkers who would rather see the Lawn used for recreational activities than for a for-profit festival. However, OZY Media co-founder and CEO Carlos Watson told Adweek that securing the location affords the company the opportunity to do things that haven’t been possible for other festivals or in years past for OZY Fest.

We sat down with Watson to discuss his vision for OZY, how the festival is evolving and what type of opportunity it presents for brands.

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