Pandora Users Can Now Share Content via Instagram Stories – Adweek

Fellow music-streaming service Spotify integrated with Instagram Stories last May and with Facebook Stories last week.

The ability to share songs, albums, podcasts, playlists and stations via Instagram Stories began rolling out to Pandora users across all tiers of service this week, and Pandora said it expects the rollout to be complete over the coming weeks.

When Pandora users tap the share button on the Now Playing screen, Instagram Stories will appear as an option, and a special cover art card for the music or podcast being shared will be generated on those users’ Instagram Stories.

Text and stickers can be added to that cover art card, which can be shared as a Story or sent as an Instagram Direct message.

Those users’ friends on Instagram can then tap Play on Pandora on those cover art cards, gaining direct access to that content and the full Pandora library of music and podcasts.

Instagram friends who are not Pandora Premium subscribers can access the content being shared via the Story, as well as a session of free unlimited on-demand music and podcasts, after viewing a short ad.

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