Pro-life event in Minnesota disrupted by bomb threat, officials said

A pro-life event at a Minnesota community college was evacuated by a bomb threat midway through the speaker’s remarks Wednesday night, according to police.Noah Maldonado, the Minnesota regional coordinator for Students for Life of America (SFLA), was kicking off an event called “40 Days for Life” when a young adult dropped a mysterious package in the middle of the room. Officials said the package appeared to be a bomb and smelled like ammonium.LIBERAL SEMINARY STUDENTS WORSHIP POTTED PLANTS AS ‘THE BEINGS WHO SUSTAIN US’Attendees in the Hill Theatre, as well as students attending night classes at the Rochester Community and Technical College, were immediately evacuated by security on campus, who responded to a “chemical spill.”
Noah Maldonado, the Minnesota regional coordinator for Students for Life of America, was speaking at a community college in Rochester when a bomb threat was made.
(Students for Life of America)Police arrested the individual, who is currently in custody, and cleared the building within an hour. No one was injured in the incident.Once outside, the pro-lifers prayed and Maldonado finished his speech entitled “Embracing Controversy.”ALABAMA JUDGE THROWS OUT TEEN’S LAWSUIT AGAINST ABORTION CLINIC ON BEHALF OF ABORTED CHILD“It’s disappointing that a pro-choice student finds it appropriate to scare innocent children and families and try to intimidate them from peacefully praying and sidewalk counseling,” Maldonado said. “However, it’s not surprising, when we see the climate on high school and college campuses, where speaking tour banners are burned, displays are vandalized, and administrators try to silence students.”
A photo taken of the pro-life event at a Rochester, Minn. community college before being evacuated due to a bomb scare.
(Students for Life of America)It’s not the first time pro-life students have faced threats on campus.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”The Pro-Life Generation will not be silenced or intimidated,” Kristan Hawkins, president of SFLA, said of the event. “This is not the kind of back-to-school story anyone hopes for, but no matter the opposition, Students for Life will bring our message of hope to campuses in all 50 states.”

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