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Reddit users name the things they loved as children, but currently hate

Reddit users name the things they loved as children, but currently hate


Reddit users name the things they loved as children, but currently hate

Enjoying things? Ha! That’s for kids.A viral new Reddit thread is polling the online community for the things they “loved as a kid but hate as an adult,” and the responses are turning up all sorts of foods, concepts and experiences that most grown-ups are glad to leave behind.Not surprisingly, thousands of users agreed that receiving mail — of both the snail and electronic kind — did not hold the same excitement as it did for the younger selves, largely thanks to the amount of junk mail and spam that currently fills most inboxes.”It used to be all exciting gift cards, presents, cool magazine subscriptions and nice letters from family members and friends. Now it’s 99% bills and solicitors,” one user wrote.REDDIT USERS ARE REMINISCING ABOUT TOYS THAT WOULD BE ‘TOO DANGEROUS’ TODAY”But how else will you know when your car’s warranty is about to expire?” another joked.Another once-exciting concept that no one seems to enjoy? Spending the night at a friend’s house.”Even if it’s 2 a.m., I always choose to pay for the 47-minute Uber ride home so I can sleep in my own bed and wake up in my own house!” reads one popular comment.”Cannot agree more,” wrote another. “Just got back from a five-night vacation and all I want in the world is my own toilet and my own bed.”
Birthday parties, fast food, sleepovers and email were just a few of the many things that adults on Reddit claimed to no longer enjoy.
(iStock)CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTERPlenty of foods — namely, junk foods — also got name-checked in the thread, including gelatin desserts, candy corn, excessive amounts of frosting, canned pasta, buffet-type restaurants and fast-food.”Used to love [fast food] because my parents only allowed me to have it when we were on vacation so it was like a treat for me,” wrote one Reddit user. “As an adult, their home cooked food is the treat now.”FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWSIn addition to mail, sleepovers and junky eats, Reddit’s community offered hundreds of other examples of things they now hate, despite loving them as children. But the most interesting example of all, perhaps, was the concept of children themselves.”Other kids,” wrote one user, who apparently can’t stand children at the present moment.

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