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RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: May jobs numbers a searing indictment of Biden’s job-killing policies

RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: May jobs numbers a searing indictment of Biden's job-killing policies


RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: May jobs numbers a searing indictment of Biden’s job-killing policies

From his beach home in Delaware, President Joe Biden did what career politicians do best – he tried putting a positive spin on bad news.After yet another underwhelming jobs report on his watch, Biden tried convincing us that “America is on the move again.” He confidently proclaimed that “our plan is working.”What jobs report was Joe Biden looking at? Certainly not the one on Friday that came in 17 percent below economists’ expectations, or the one showing the number of Americans working part-time for economic reasons went up.If America is on the move as Biden claims, it’s a slow crawl, and not the robust recovery we should be experiencing.BIDEN USES WEAKER-THAN-EXPECTED MAY JOBS REPORT TO TOUT ECONOMIC AGENDAAs I travel across the country, I see a much different –and more difficult – reality facing Americans than the rosy picture the White House is painting.Go outside of the Washington, D.C. Beltway Bubble, and it is absolutely alarming the number of “Now Hiring” signs you’ll see in storefronts on Main Streets across America.  After a year in which Democrat-led lockdowns have taken a crushing toll on small businesses all across America, those businesses are now eager –even desperate – to hire.Unfortunately small businesses are struggling to find workers. The reason? They’re waging an uphill battle against a federal government that is paying Americans more to not work than they would make with a job. REP. KEVIN BRADY LAYS INTO MAY JOBS REPORT, SAYS BIDEN’S POLICIES HOLDING AMERICA BACKWith Biden’s backward economic incentives, it’s little wonder the labor participation rate fell at a time when Americans should be re-joining the workforce in record numbers. It’s not only small businesses that are struggling under Biden’s failed economic policies. Americans are being squeezed by skyrocketing prices, with costs for basic goods rising at the fastest clip in more than a decade. Like families across America, in my own Michigan neighborhood we are paying more at the pump and at our weekly trips to the grocery store.CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTERBiden’s plan to push through $6 trillion in new government spending with money we don’t have coupled with $3 trillion in tax hikes would only make the problem worse. This even as economists are sounding the alarm about the risks of inflation. However, Joe Biden’s disappointing jobs numbers do highlight the clear contrast between Republican states that are leading economic recoveries and Democrat-led ones lagging woefully behind.More from OpinionOf the 18 states with the lowest unemployment rate, 15 have Republican governors. It’s the same story when it comes to states with the best job recoveries, where 17 of the top 20 are run by Republicans.On the other hand, the five states with highest unemployment rates? All run by Democrats.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe numbers don’t lie. The May jobs numbers are a searing indictment of Biden’s job-killing policies. They show Biden is squandering the economic recovery he inherited from President Trump and Republicans’ pro-growth policies. It’s time for Biden and his fellow Democrat governors to stop holding back our recovery and to start taking their cues from Republicans and conservative economic policies that work.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM RONNA McDANIEL

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