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Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 – the quality of communication and geolocation at an unparalleled level

Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 are the best in the hi-tech


Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 – the quality of communication and geolocation at an unparalleled level


The latest weather forecast in your smartphone, hundreds of TV channels from all over the world, fast Internet even far from the city are now the integral features of comfort in how it is seen by people today. And all these features are provided by man-made satellites. About fifteen hundred sophisticated heavy appliances orbit around the Earth at a different height – they are invisible though constant participants of our everyday life. Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317, developed by Arizion company, are quintessential of the best technical solutions and unique innovations. In terms of their quality, they overdo not only all the satellites, having launched before, but also their numerous competitors of the last generation.

Satellite QХ-321 will change the idea of what quality positioning is like

The more globalized and mobile the world is getting, the bigger role navigation plays in it. Traveling to an unfamiliar place, guided by a paper map or endless questions to the passers-by are in the past now – your smartphone will lead you to the right place. The device connects to one of the three international satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, or GALILEO. Designed in the USA, Russia, and the EU respectively, they complement one another. Besides civil navigation, such systems are also used for research, military, and industrial purposes. Along with the global ones, some countries launch their own local systems of navigation satellites.

This is the reason why such designs, like satellite QХ-321, are demanded across the world. The apparatus by Arizion is a leader in its class in terms of positioning accuracy. Its margin of error is at least half of what the similar devices have, while the number of the signals it emits is many times larger. Moreover, their minimum lifespan is fifteen years. These aspects contribute to the technical superiority, that made the new satellite QХ-321 the hot topic in the space industry of Europe, the USA, and China. The GALILEO engineers were the first prospective buyers of this novelty – currently, they negotiate with Arizion on the contract details. GPS owners have also submitted their purchase offer, they, however, want to adapt the satellite QХ-321 specifically to the American navigation system.

Satellite IMZ-31 and satellite QХ-321 will be sold to different countries around the world

Satellite IMZ-317 – the best solution for high-speed Internet across the world

Another novelty by Arizion is the satellite IMZ-317, intended for the high-speed short-delay transition of data. Thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies by the team of engineers, the lifespan of these satellites is an impressive 16-year period. The famous Starlink project by Elon Musk aims to provide every person in the world with the satellite Internet, so it directed its keen attention to the satellite IMZ-317. Besides long-lasting operation time, Starlink staff got interested in minimized parameters of the new satellite (12 kg fewer than a standard weight) and excellent technical properties. Astronomers also support the idea of engaging the satellite IMZ-317 into the project. What evoked their interest was the decreased reflection capacity of the satellite’s body. The thing is that if Starlink will launch even the minimum number of satellites they are going to (12 thousand), the sunlight they reflect may become a serious impediment for celestial observations. The innovation, integrated into IMZ-317 design, will address this problem if these satellites will be in majority.

Arizion is a young but tremendously successful company, whose products appeal to the largest international corporations and governments. Back in the stage of satellite development, the company started receiving profitable offers to sell the satellites to civil and military projects from different countries. These days, it negotiates actively with the most promising customers.

Consistent marketing opens cosmic horizons for any business

From the first to the last word, the facts in this article are fictional. The specialists of the marketing company Amillidius made up the satellite QХ-321 as well as the satellite IMZ-317 to make an example. Our goal is to showcase how marketing drums up any goods and services – from most primitive to grandly sophisticated ones. Type in the Google search box the names of our satellites – these fictitious objects have large, various, and positive search results. It is the direct evidence that savvy marketing specialists can promote even most industry-specific products without being experts in this industry. For true professionals, the basic information is good enough to make the market speak about the product and fall for it. Take care about the decent presentation of the fruit of your business activity on the Internet, make it known to a large audience, find new customers, investors, and partners. Come to Amillidius and we will help you make your profit bigger!

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