Secrets of makeup artist’s work in Portugal

The coronavirus pandemic has cast a massive shadow on the global economy. Some business sectors have suffered much, others – a bit less. Today we will talk with Ksenya Sniazhko, a makeup artist from Portugal, and we will learn first-hand about the situation in the beauty sector in this country both during the recovery from the crisis and in general.

Secrets of makeup artist’s work in Portugal

How long have you been living and working in Portugal? Was it difficult to move there?

Autumn 2020 will be the year I live and work in Portugal. I’ve always dreamed of living near the ocean and, thanks to my beloved spouse, my dream came true. He was the first to arrive here. During a couple of months he was engaged in paperwork and legalization, then I arrived with the children. Basically, all the difficulties with moving fell on his shoulders.

Does Portugal provide a business-friendly environment?

Conditions for doing business are very convenient here. Less than two weeks after arrival, I opened a PE and could work officially.

For a successful start in Portugal, the conditions are much more comfortable than, let’s say, in Belarus. Here, an entrepreneur is exempted from taxes during the first year of his activity and is protected by insurance.

How does the beauty industry feel there nowadays? Did the crisis affect you and your business?

During quarantine, all the masters had to stop working. Of course, it reflected in the level of earnings.

However, now our activity is being restored. I am happy that I can do my favorite work again.

How much does a makeup artist earn in Portugal, if it’s not a secret?

As in any job, the level of income consists of many factors. You can earn a percentage while working in a salon, or you can build a strong personal brand and open your own salon. Obviously, the income gap will be huge.

Do you work as a PE or work for the network of beauty salons?

I work as an individual entrepreneur, rent a place in a salon in the beautiful center of Lisbon.

What is the tax rate for representatives of the beauty industry in Portugal?

For example, an individual entrepreneur pays 23% of the income. All other cases must be checked with a lawyer.

Which documents does an EU nonresident need to provide to start the beauty business in Portugal?

As I said – everything is individual here. Such subtleties will be told you by a qualified lawyer, who will help to collect a pack of documents for the bank and fiscal correctly.

Who of the world celebs did you work with?

Despite the fact that most of my clients are brides, I always gladly prepare artists, hosts to creative shooting. One of the last works was singer Alfiya Sharipova. She and her crew were not afraid and came to film the music video at the very beginning of quarantine.

What would you advise Ukrainian makeup artists, who want to migrate and work in Portugal?

I advise you to go if there is support, a dream, and faith. Otherwise, a tale will turn into regret.