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Senior, single, and ready to mingle? These cities are ‘great’ for older singles, according to the AARP

Senior, single, and ready to mingle? These cities are 'great' for older singles, according to the AARP


Senior, single, and ready to mingle? These cities are ‘great’ for older singles, according to the AARP

Sometimes Cupid shoots his shot later in life. And he seems to be particularly active in big cities, according to the American Association of Retired Persons, the nation’s leading nonprofit dedicated to empowering the 50-and-older crowd.The group recently published a list of great cities for older singles who are looking to start something new. The cities highlighted in AARP’s list are allegedly “more conducive to dating,” according to retirement experts and empircal data aggregated by the organization.2020 RETIREES MOVED TO THESE STATES AND CITIES THE MOST, STUDY REVEALSAARP made its determination of what makes a great city for an older single person based on a “livability score” that ranges between 0 and 100, while also taking into account account each city’s overall population of seniors (age 65 and older), which may play a role in a retired person’s chance of finding love with a fellow single. Also considered were each city’s size, location and access to the appropriate healthcare facilities.”The Livability Index can help you figure out which tradeoffs residents are making in each community. For example, some of the places that we may think of as desirable can be socially isolated, or have other challenges that we may not see at first.” AARP Public Policy Institute’s Vice President Rodney Harrell told Fox News. “The scores in the Index represent an overall look across 40 metrics to see how each community stacks up, and we also look at public policies to see if community leaders are working to improve on some of those challenges.” 5 BEST CITIES TO RETIRE IN 2020The five U.S. cities that received the highest AARP livability scores were Austin, New York City, Denver, Arlington and Madison — but again, the AARP reviewed additional factors to make its determinations.Austin, TexasAARP livability score: 57The city of Austin reportedly has a senior population of 81,322 compared to its overall adult population of 741,176, and the demographic is fast-growing, according to AARP. The Live Music Capital of the World scored highest in health (68), civic and social engagement (64), neighborhood (59) and housing (59).New York City, New YorkAARP livability score: 58Out of the entire list, New York City has the largest share of seniors with nearly 1.2 million. NYC received an almost perfect score in the transportation category (91) for its walkability and variety of options available. The city also received high marks in the neighborhood category (81) and a moderate score of 50 when it comes to health (50).THESE ARE THE BEST PLACES TO RETIRE AND LIVE IN THE US
Sometimes Cupid shoots his shot later in life. And he seems to be particularly active in big cities, according to AARP – America’s leading nonprofit dedicated to empowering the 50 and older crowd. (iStock)
Denver, ColoradoAARP livability score: 60Denver is the third most populous senior city out of the top five, with 78,751 seniors out of an adult population that totals over half a million. AARP highlighted the Mile High City as a great place for seniors with active lifestyles or outdoor hobbies. The city’s top three categories were in health (76), transportation (70) and neighborhood (66).Arlington, VirginiaAARP livability score: 65Although Arlington is technically not a city, the Virginia county made it on AARP’s radar as a good spot for older singles. The county is in close proximity to Washington, D.C., which provides residents access to typical city perks like diverse food and entertainment options.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPArlington has a senior population of 24,465 out of the county’s 191,897 adult population. The county received a near perfect category score in health (95) as well as high marks in the neighborhood (76) and transportation (70) categories.
AARP identified 10 cities that are great for older singles in 2021, but only five received livability scores that are higher than 56 (out of 100), including Austin, New York, Denver, Arlington and Madison. (iStock)
Madison, WisconsinAARP livability score: 66The city to receive the highest livability score from AARP was Madison, which, despite having a relatively small senior population of 28,516, offers active social opportunities thanks to its 38 retirement communities. Nicknamed the Mad City, Madison received high category scores in civic and social engagement (81), health (72) and neighborhood (67).CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTERThe five other cities to make it onto AARP’s list were Pittsburgh; Springfield, Mass.; Sun City, Ariz.; The Villages in Florida; and Palm Springs, which all received a livability score over 45 (on a 100-point scale). To see the rest of AARP’s list and reasoning for each city’s inclusion, read the full report here.

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