Singer Marie Smirnova: presentation of the project, the first music video, and the announcement of the “Zhar-ptytsia” album

The neo-generation singer Marie Smirnova is an outstanding representative of the progressive youth of the 21st century. In some inexplicable way, refinement, meekness, grace coexist with drive, crazy charisma, and a sparkle in the girl’s eyes, especially while singing on stage.

Marie Smirnova is the project by Katherina Makedonskaya-Borodina. Socialite, author, director, screenwriter, and producer Katherina learned about Marie due to mutual acquaintances. Having believed in the young singer’s success, the producer offered her help in popularizing Marie Smirnova’s work and her entering the international music arena.


Now the girl is 16, and all the most ambitious achievements are yet to come. However, even now Marie Smirnova can already boast of serious success in the vocal field. Firstly, having studied with a vocal teacher for 8 years, Marie has repeatedly won Ukrainian and international competitions. The jury members, guest artists, and other influential people of culture insist that Marie is the future world star.


And secondly, after meeting her producer Katherina Makedonskaya-Borodina, Marie Smirnova’s career started going uphill. Now Masha can boast of four recorded tracks, which are already being played by several radio stations, a video for the “Believe” song, a collaboration with several popular brands (including jewelry), publications in high-rating editions, and preparations for the first “Zhar-ptytsia” album release by the end of 2020.

Filming the video and presentation of the Marie Smirnova project

Producer Katherina Makedonskaya-Borodina is working on Marie Smirnova’s repertoire, as well as on her image, style, and video scripts. The sound of Marie’s tracks is handled by Katherina’s colleague, sound producer Dmitriy Nikolov.


The presentation of the Marie Smirnova project, as well as the “Believe” video, were held in Odessa in a private party format and soon will take place in Kyiv. The video was filmed at the “Eskadron” equestrian club with the support of ZARINA jewelry house, as well as the Ukrainian-Georgian brand MariGe by Mari Gegeshidze. Masha is ZARINA’s brand face, as well as of the London Faberge, the official distributor of which in Ukraine, the jewelry house is. The general partner of the presentation was the DreamWay event holding and its founder Vlada Barina.

The video “Believe” turned out to be very motivating and touching. The  theme of horses is very close to Marie, because, since childhood, the girl has been doing equestrian, and, as she says, feels “a special connection with these graceful animals.”

We wish Marie all the best in her creative career and look forward to the release of Marie Smirnova’s “Zhar-ptytsia” first album.