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This Fake Ikea Manual Explains the A$AP Rocky Case So Even Donald Trump Can Understand It – Adweek

An ikea manual explaining the swedish justice system and A$AP Rocky


This Fake Ikea Manual Explains the A$AP Rocky Case So Even Donald Trump Can Understand It – Adweek

A pair of Swedish creatives are poking fun at Donald Trump’s involvement in rapper A$AP Rocky’s legal troubles with an Ikea-inspired manual that gives tongue-in-cheek instructions to the commander-in-chief.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the case, here’s what happened: During a tour stop in Stockholm earlier this summer, the rapper—real name Rakim Mayers—was charged with assault following a fight and spent nearly a month in jail.

A$AP Rocky has since been released and is now back in the U.S. awaiting a final verdict due Aug. 14. But his case has spurred interest in the Swedish justice system—particularly around President Trump’s failure to understand it.

Last month, the president tweeted that he’d “personally vouch for” the rapper’s bail—except Sweden doesn’t have a bail system. He also criticized prime minister Stefan Löfven for “being unable to act” on the issue, even though Swedish law prohibits him from intervening.

He also, curiously, sent Robert O’Brien—the White House’s special envoy for hostage affairs—to Stockholm to monitor the case.

So to catch the president up on the Swedish legal system, art director Oscar Gierup at McCann New York and copywriter Hampus Elfström at Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg have put together step-by-step directions in the style of an Ikea manual. Besides being instructional, it’s also, as you’d expect, rife with digs at the president and his unofficial catchphrases (covfefe, stable genius, etc.)

Oscar Gierup and Hampus Elfström took it upon themselves to explain the Swedish justice system to Donald Trump.


Gierup said the idea came to them when Trump started attacking Sweden on Twitter.

“We wanted to do something with the fact that Trump specifically started to argue with Sweden and our prime minister,” he explained. “Especially since he’s on ‘such good terms’ with dictators and leaders known for killing journalists and innocent people.

“We also think it’s important that he (and others) know that we have other laws and regulations in Sweden,” he continued. “Trump clearly doesn’t understand that. If the prime minister would do what he wants him to do, that would be grounds for impeachment.”

Being from Sweden, he said it made sense to give their hometown brand a shoutout.

“The Ikea manuals are quick, simple, and [are] of course very associated with Sweden, so we felt that the medium was a perfect fit for this idea,” Gierup said.

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