Top model Anastasiia Bondarchuk speaks about filming of the NANOJY campaign and working with luxury brands

A 14-year-old top model Anastasiia Bondarchuk is an idol for many girls of her age. Despite her youth, Anastasiia Bondarchuk’s biography contains dozens of collaborations with global brands and numerous covers in rating publications. Forbes even wrote about the girl. What is the girl’s secret? Today we’ll find out how Anastasiia Bondarchuk gained such stunning popularity at 14, and we will also find out the secrets behind the scenes of filming for the Ukrainian-Portuguese NANOJY brand.

Any adult model, not to mention a child or a teenager, will envy the search for “Anastasiia Bondarchuk brands”. Anastasiia, how did you manage to become so popular at such a young age?

First, I must pay tribute to my parents, who, from the age of 5, saw a talent of photoposing in me. When we have family celebrations and parents get my children’s pictures out, all the guests exclaim at once: “What a blondy angel!” “A model future is waiting for Nastya.” “The actress is growing.” And so on, and so forth. I have been engaged in modeling since I was 5. Therefore, the experience gained from early childhood allows me to feel what luxury customers, such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Fendi, Dior, and many others want from me.


Well, and secondly, none of this would have happened without my favorite producer Elvira Gavrilova. She gave me a ticket to the world of high fashion! By the way, NANOJY is precisely her project together with designer Julia Lyatavskaya.

NANOJY is a rather new and not yet very popular Ukrainian-Portuguese collaboration. Why did supermodel Anastasiia Bondarchuk, having experience with Christian Dior, agree to become the brand face of NANOJY?


NANOJY is an ultra-modern brand with a deep concept, incredible style. The outfits from NANOJY are very close to me in spirit, therefore, when Elvira Gavrilova invited me to become the face of their first collection, I agreed without hesitation.

What is this deep concept? Tell us more about it.

The NANOJY collection is the embodiment of the four elements. We tried to reveal them in this campaign. The elements of “Fire” and “Earth” were filmed on Kuyalnik. The element of “Air” was filmed at the Odessa Hydroport. And, “Water”, of course, was filmed on the Black Sea coast, not far from Fontanka.

Pyrotechnic performance, desert landscapes, and a charming white horse, airy hang gliders, and the sea breeze! It’s one of my best works that I am really proud of.