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Trans Women of Color Showcase Iconic Elements of Vogue Performance in Equinox’s Pride Campaign – Adweek

Trans Women of Color Showcase Iconic Elements of Vogue Performance in Equinox’s Pride Campaign – Adweek


Trans Women of Color Showcase Iconic Elements of Vogue Performance in Equinox’s Pride Campaign – Adweek


The corporate Pride Month campaigns continue to roll in, but none (at least yet) are as showstopping as Equinox’s, which brings us nearly a minute of dips, spins and hair whips courtesy of New York City’s vogue ballroom scene.

The “Life’s a Ball” effort features New York City “icons” and “legends”—titles within the house-ballroom community that take years to earn—including Legendary Veronica Miyake Mugler, Legendary Chyna Prodigy, Legendary Asia Balenciaga, Legendary Tamiyah Miyake Mugler, the Icon Sinia Alaia, the Icon Leiomy Maldonado and Up-and-Coming Legendary Tati Finesse.

“’Life’s a Ball’ honors the power and magnificence of trans women of color in their performance element and shares a message of equality, fostering sisterhood and expressing pride all through movement,” said Equinox.

Helmed by agency RanaVerse with help from Icon and executive producer Jack Mizrahi, the video features each woman showcasing iconic elements of vogue performance. According to Equinox, both the luxury fitness company and ballroom community “mutually foster transformation, self-expression, personal best, pushing past limits, using strength in everyday life, power and confidence, all of which are at the forefront of this campaign.”

“To us, movement is a celebration of being alive, and with this work, we are celebrating life and bringing visibility to marginalized communities who are often overlooked,” said Timothy Strudwick, senior creative director at Equinox, in a statement. “We focused on dance—and voguing specifically—because it’s all about quick and precise movements, representing an authentic way to speak to Pride through our brand’s unique DNA, which is rooted in embracing the joy of movement.”

To mark the launch of the campaign, Equinox is hosting “Voguing Master Classes” at select locations across the country, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Miami. All classes will be hosted by Jack Mizrahi and Sinia Alia.

Equinox has also partnered with House Lives Matter, a community organizing and mobilizing initiative that promotes wellness, quality of life, rights and resiliency among youth and adults in the house ball community. Equinox is House Lives Matter’s first-ever brand partner, and for every post this month that uses #PoweredbyPride or a GIPHY sticker from the campaign, the brand will donate one dollar to the cause. Additionally, all ticket sales from the Equinox “Master Class” in New York will also be donated to House Lives Matter.

Over the past few years, Equinox has supported the LGBT community through various #PoweredbyPride efforts. In 2017, a beautifully executed video called “The LGBTQAlphabet” paired choreography with 26 words that encompass the complex identities of people who are a part of this community.

Last year, Equinox continued its #PoweredbyPride in partnership with Lewis Miller Design by curating a series of the latter’s signature “Flower Flashes” to bring visibility to queer historical landmarks. Taking place over three days, the surprise installations appeared at two historic LGBTQA landmarks, in addition to a roaming installation.


Campaign Direction: RanaVerse
Directed by: Sammy Rawal
MC / Executive Producer: The Icon Jack Mizrahi
Producer: The Icon Sinia Alaia
Music: DJ Byrell The Great
Styling: Tess Herbert
Hair: Legendary Overall Father Yusef Miyake Mugler
Makeup: Overall Mother Jacen Produgy,  Up n Coming Legendary TiffanyTheArtist Balmain
Nails: Junie Bee Nails


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