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Uber Has Launched a Rideshare Submarine, and Yes, It’s Called scUber – Adweek

Uber Has Launched a Rideshare Submarine, and Yes, It’s Called scUber – Adweek


Uber Has Launched a Rideshare Submarine, and Yes, It’s Called scUber – Adweek


After taking to the roads and to the sky, Uber is now headed underwater. The ridesharing service has announced scUber, “the world’s first ridesharing submarine.”

ScUber will take riders around Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for $2,000 for two people. That cost also includes a helicopter trip to the docking station and the full one hour trip around the reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism on Earth and has been hurt by climate change. According to a study recently published in the journal Nature, baby coral in the reef has declined by 89%, and mass-bleaching events caused by climate change have decimated large portions.

Uber is matching the dollars spent on scUber—and donating an additional $100,000—to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to help protect the reef from future harm.

This isn’t the first time Uber has used other vehicles to promote the company. In 2017, Uber announced UberCHOPPER, a helicopter service that brought riders to the Mysterland festival and provided aerial tours of Amsterdam.

While scUber and UberCHOPPER are more marketing stunts than legitimate revenue generators, Uber is also experimenting with other forms of transportation. The company also expanded into scooters and bikes in the past year by partnering with Lime and Jump, respectively. The ongoing race to dominate all aspects of ridesharing in urban environments is still developing and meeting pushback from many cities.

ScUber is a limited time offering, running until June 18. The main service is only available to riders based in Queensland, Australia, but other regions have a chance to participate by entering Uber’s contest that gives the winner and a friend an all-expense paid trip to Queensland and a free ride on scUber.

Winners will be chosen based on pleas limited to just 25 words. Six of these trips will be awarded to various regions around the world, and submissions must be entered before June 1.


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