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Velcro Celebrates Its Apollo Legacy With a Perfectly Chosen Cover by Walk Off the Earth – Adweek

Velcro Celebrates Its Apollo Legacy With a Perfectly Chosen Cover by Walk Off the Earth – Adweek


Velcro Celebrates Its Apollo Legacy With a Perfectly Chosen Cover by Walk Off the Earth – Adweek


Velcro kept the astronauts of Apollo 11 firmly fastened into their moon boots. It also latched their Omega watches to their wrists, attached their breathing tubes to their suits and served as nose scratchers inside their helmets. All told, there were 3,300 square inches of Velcro on the command and lunar modules during that 1969 mission.

It’s no surprise, then, that the NASA-infused legacy brand would want to shout out its indispensable role on the moon landing’s 50-year anniversary, which Andrew Ellis, vp global marketing, called, “one of the proudest chapters in the Velcro brand history.” (Also true, obviously, of human history in general.)

Taking a thoroughly modern approach to a nostalgia-heavy event, Velcro partnered with indie band Walk Off the Earth for a cover version of The Police’s classic  hit, “Walking on the Moon.”

Check out the music video here:

Chosen because they’re “versatile and ingenious,” Ellis says, the band members used Velcro to create sound effects for the remake, to accessorize their costumes and to affix singer Sarah Blackwood against a starry backdrop. They also used it to keep their equipment and gear organized behind the scenes.

Because of its iconic ripping sound, the product was ripe “to bring to life and celebrate in a music video,” says Ellis, who noted that it was “a natural fit with Walk Off the Earth’s style.” (For examples of what he’s talking about, you can check out the band’s viral cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” where all five members play a single guitar, or their version of “Old Town Road,” punctuated by a whole bunch of hand bells).

There’s a popular misconception that NASA created Velcro (and Tang and Teflon), but the company isn’t overly concerned about dispelling that myth with its current campaign. It’s more interested in brand buffing and reminding consumers that if it “can help put a man on the moon, then you can trust it to make life a little easier,” says Ellis.

Along with the video, the brand is rolling out some 400 point of sale displays to tout its Apollo 11 ties. Those will be in hardware stores and other retailers through the end of the year. There’s also a Velcro-sponsored contest that will send winners to a Walk Off the Earth concert in Seattle, with a trip to the Space Needle thrown in. Enter (quickly, deadline is midnight July 21) by commenting with a favorite moon emoji on the brand’s Facebook page.

The music video will be airing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn through September.


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