Woman, child wounded in shooting after dispute at Texas pee-wee football game

A suspected gunman is at large after a shooting that followed a dispute between parents at a pee-wee football game in Fort Worth, Texas, police said Saturday.Fox 4 News reported that a woman was hit in the leg and a girl was grazed in the back. Both were hospitalized and police said their injuries were not life-threatening.Investigators believe the son of one of the parents involved in the argument came to the game armed with a handgun and opened fire.A woman working at the concessions stand described the scene to Fox 4 News.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”It’s just unbelievable, because it’s like, you hear people say that all the time, but you don’t see nothing happen, and this time, it actually happened,” the concession worker said. “I ran outside, and was on the side of that truck, and just said, ‘Come in. Get in.’ Then one lady said she tried to get out of her chair, she said, ‘I’ve been hit,’ and fell to the ground.”SHERIFF’S DEPUTY IN FORT WORTH DIES AFTER BEING FOUND WITH ‘SIGNIFICANT’ HEAD INJURIESIt was not clear what caused the initial dispute and police have not identified the suspect publicly. Police are investigating what caused the dispute.Click for more from Fox4News.com.

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