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Woman claims she invited boyfriend’s mom to house, forgot to hide embarrassing item on coffee table

Woman claims she invited boyfriend's mom to house, forgot to hide embarrassing item on coffee table


Woman claims she invited boyfriend’s mom to house, forgot to hide embarrassing item on coffee table

Talk about letting your freak flag fly.A young woman on Reddit claims she is now the personification of “shame” after accidentally leaving a NSFW item in plain view of her boyfriend’s mother during a visit last week.The Reddit user, who shared the embarrassing story under a throwaway account, implied that she and her boyfriend are fans of “certain things” in their private life — things that involve her boyfriend being shackled to their coffee table. With few visitors coming by amid the pandemic, the woman says she rarely puts the shackles away after use, opting instead to just leave them attached to the coffee table, where they’ve remained for around a month. Their placement had become “so normalized,” she says, that she and her boyfriend forgot they were even there.PHILLY REAL ESTATE LISTING DOESN’T SHY AWAY FROM RISQUE ROOM IN BASEMENT The other morning, however, her boyfriend’s mother came over to drop off her dogs while she ran some errands — and mom couldn’t help but notice the arresting item attached to the coffee table.”[My boyfriend’s mom] sits down on the sofa and she says, ‘So I don’t want to ask what’s up with the handcuffs on the table but what’s up with the handcuffs on the table?’” the woman wrote.
Embarrassed, the Reddit user (not pictured) claimed she immediately responded. “Don’t worry about it,” she said, allegedly before an awkward silence filled the room.
Embarrassed, the Reddit user claimed she blurted out a response: “Don’t worry about it.” An awkward silence allegedly filled the room. “Also they aren’t handcuffs,” she added, informing her boyfriend’s mom that handcuffs are for your wrists, while shackles are for your ankles.”I don’t know why I [expletive] said that last part,” the woman wrote.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTERThankfully, her boyfriend’s mother didn’t press for further details. The Reddit community, on the other hand, very much did press for those details.The young woman responded by disclosing exactly where she got the coffee table and the shackles (IKEA and Amazon, respectively).CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPMany of the commenters also praised her boyfriend’s mother for quietly dropping the subject after her initial question.”Your boyfriend has a super cool mom,” one commenter wrote in response to the story, which has since earned over 17,000 upvotes on Reddit.”She’s the greatest,” the embarrassed young woman wrote in response. “I genuinely love that woman.”

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