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Xbox Gave a YouTube Star the Unboxing of a Lifetime for Forza Horizon 4 – Adweek

Xbox Gave a YouTube Star the Unboxing of a Lifetime for Forza Horizon 4 – Adweek


Xbox Gave a YouTube Star the Unboxing of a Lifetime for Forza Horizon 4 – Adweek

If you’re a young YouTube celebrity known for unboxing and toy reviews, getting access to a limited-edition Lego set tied to the newest Forza Horizon video game expansion is pretty cool. But that was just the tip of the unboxing iceberg for EvanTubeHD.

The video star, who has more than 6 million subscribers and nearly 4 billion combined views on YouTube, was the beneficiary of agency 215 McCann’s “Ultimate Unboxing” stunt, made to promote Xbox’s Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions Expansion Pack.

As you can see in the reveal video below, he assumed he was just assembling a Lego set of the McLaren Senna featured in the racing game’s new add-on content. But there was a lot more to it than that:

A popular YouTuber since creating his first videos at age 5, Evan is a leader in the booming niche of unboxing videos, which unwrap, unpack and assemble new toys.

Obviously he got to make his own video version of the branded promotion as well:

Now that you’ve (hopefully) watched the videos to keep us from ruining the surprise, we can tell you a bit about what was waiting for Evan in his driveway.

The full-sized Lego McLaren Senna was made from more than 400,000 pieces, which required 42 people working a total of 2,700 hours to assemble. It features functioning headlights, blinkers and a rear-view camera. While the ride isn’t exactly street legal, Evan was able to take it for a test drive within the Forza world by sitting in the car while playing the game expansion on a screen large enough to cover his family’s garage door.

Marketers have used the unboxing phenomenon in a wide variety of ways in recent years, with some being more straightforward than others. Last year, for example, TBWAChiatDay New York sent sneaker unboxing star Jacques Slade a mysterious shoe package that revealed itself to be a guide to how modern slave-labor practices are still used to produce fashion products sold around the world. That pro-bono effort was created in partnership with the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


Campaign title: Driven by Imagination
Brand: Xbox Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions
Creative title: Ultimate Unboxing

Client: Microsoft / Xbox
Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing: Taylor Smith
Sr. Marketing Manager, Forza: Jonathan Segall

Agency: 215 McCann
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Duchon
Creative Director: Nichole Geddes
Art Director: Chris Onesto
Copywriter: Frank Fusco
Director of Integrated Production: Mandi Holdorf
Senior Producer: Gabby Gardner
Associate Producer: Jessie Ybarra
Director of Business Affairs: Mary Beth Barney
Business Director: Peter Goldstein
Management Supervisor: Devina Hardatt
Assistant Account Executive: Paige Kane
Head of Strategy: Brian Wakabayashi
Strategy Director: Cassidy Wilber
Strategist: Christian Stewart

Production Company: Alpen Pictures
Director: Michael Bernstein
Producer: William Cubbon
EP: Christian Heuer
DP: Tom Banks
PD: Lauren Fitzsimmons
Wardrobe Stylist: Michelle Thompson
1st AD: Mark Robinson
Editorial: Cut & Run
Editor: Pete Koob
Executive Producer: Deanne Mehling
Assistant Editor: Stefan Manz
Producer: Cassandra Guardado

Stock Music: APM Music LLC
Audio Mix/Sound Design: Beacon Street
Sound Design/Mix Engineer: Rommel Molina
Mix Assistant: Mike Leone
Senior SD/Mix Producer: Kate Vadnais

Telecine/Color: Apache
Digital Intermediate Colorist: Taylor Black
Color Assistants: Luis Amaya
Apache Producer: Stefanie Schaldenbrand
Apache Executive Producer: LaRue Anderson

2D Lead: Robert Murdock
3D Lead: Mike Dalzell
Executive Creative Director: Tim Davies
Executive Producer: Sue Troyan
VFX Producer: Andrew Cowderoy

2D Team
Chris Hunsberger

3D Team
Carl Harders
Matt Longwell
Greg Mawicke
Jessica Ramirez

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