Yandy’s ‘Sexy Tariff’ costume is timely surprise, not actually valid against Chinese regime

closeVideoYandy creates ‘sexy’ Duchess Meghan-inspired costumeLingerie company Yandy has unveiled its Meghan Duchess of Sussex-themed wedding costume… and it’s much shorter than what people might remember.Looks like the “trade war” is heating up.Yandy has released a “Sexy Tariff” Halloween costume.The $59.99 sleeveless mini dress features Benjamins and two words – “tariff” on the front and “import” on the back.
Yandy’s “Sexy Tariff” costume. (Yandy)
“A distant trade war is upon us! Will you resist it?” Yandy writes. “Show off your assets and be the hottest import in town in this exclusive Sexy Tariff costume.”SEXY ‘MR. ROGERS’-THEMED COSTUME IS RELEASED BY LINGERIE RETAILER YANDY”Price is subject to change,” the company added in parentheses. And it probably won’t be of any use for White House officials locked in the tariff fight with China.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTERThe lingerie retailer, which claimed to be the “#1 site for sexy apparel,” has been no stranger to eyebrow-raising costumes.The company has released “sexy” versions of celebrities in the past, including a Mr. Rogers “Nicest Neighbor” costume and a Meghan Markle wedding costume.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPFox News’ Alexandra Deabler contributed to this report.

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