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YouTuber Grace Helbig Made a Poke Bowl in a Moving Kitchen To Promote Glad Press’n Seal – Adweek

YouTuber Grace Helbig Made a Poke Bowl in a Moving Kitchen To Promote Glad Press’n Seal – Adweek


YouTuber Grace Helbig Made a Poke Bowl in a Moving Kitchen To Promote Glad Press’n Seal – Adweek


Glad is on a mission to show just how durable its Press’n Seal plastic food wrap is.

In the spirit of “show, don’t tell,” the brand is going about achieving this in an amusing way: tapping influencers to conduct wacky stunts that test the strength of Press’n Seal.

Last year, YouTube series “My Drunk Kitchen” host Hannah Hart made a burrito while hanging upside down. In the nearly five-minute video, she struggles to place toppings on a tortilla without making a mess while pondering the safety of being inverted for a long time.

Of course, what Glad wants viewers to notice is that all of the toppings, encased in Press’n Seal, manage to hang upside down the entire time sans spillage.

Now the brand is back again with another influencer. This time it’s YouTuber Grace Helbig, who’s been tasked with putting together an Instagram-worthy poke bowl in a moving kitchen.

Helbig, who has nearly 3 million subscribers on YouTube, uses her signature brand of humor as she pretends to keep her cool while bowls of ingredients fly off her makeshift counter as it’s hauled through the countryside by a pickup truck.

In the video, Helbig praises Press’n Seal for keeping her sesame seeds intact after they take a tumble.

“We so loved last year’s activation, and it was so helpful in growing the Press’n Seal brand, that coming back for a second time just made sense,” said Nick Montgomery, an associate director of marketing at the Clorox Company, which owns Glad, in a statement. “Being a real partner in content creation is a game-changer, and working with creators allows for that in ways traditional advertising doesn’t.”

The ad was created by Portal A, the digital content studio behind YouTube Rewind, the video platform’s annual montage of the prior year’s most popular clips and moments.

Kai Hasson, co-founder and creative director at Portal A, said Helbig was a natural fit for this, as the 33-year-old has both a confident voice and an audience that matches Glad’s desired demographic.

“She’s someone who’s incredibly talented with comedy and a viewership that aligns with what Glad wanted to hit,” Hasson said. “We came to her with the idea of a kitchen on wheels, and we started shaping it with her.”

While branded content can be a tricky business for influencers, as it involves staying “authentic” while still promoting the product in question, Hasson said videos like these don’t bother viewers since it’s clear Glad is behind the film.

“In this case, it’s really about leaning into the fact that it is branded,” he said. “Viewers don’t mind that it is branded, especially if the creator is really open about it.”

Zach Blume, co-founder and managing partner at Portal A, said the positive feedback Helbig has received so far on the video speaks for itself.

“If you glance through the comment section on the video, that is reflected,” Blume said.


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